Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to My Baby Boutique's Blog!

Welcome to my very first blog!  What better time to join the blogging community than just in time for my debut at Oklahoma City's An Affair of the Heart, the area's largest craft show.  My Baby Boutique has partnered with Doodle Design Shop to create one fabulous booth under the name Baby Doodles (faintly reminiscent of baby poo??).  In addition to my own handmade baby items, I'm proud to offer the designs of other SAHMs (or should I say WAHMs) like myself.  We have ribbon tights and bows from newly introduced Lil Munchkin Doodles by my friend Andrea Rieger as well as some great retail lines, such as Jamie Rae Hats and Reflectionz tutus.  For any of you visiting AAOTH this weekend, come visit us in the Hobbies, Arts, and Crafts building.  See you there!