Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm not dead & gone...just too busy.

Wow! It seems like forever since I've sat down to blog. I've once again taken on a few too many activities, jobs, obligations, etc, etc, etc, but have renewed my commitment to a simple life and am coming back to those things that are most important to me while eliminating the extras (however fun & enticing they may seem). Not that blogging time is necessarily at the top of my list of priorities, but as we're creating more time at home, there seems to be more opportunity to log in and share what's happening around the Knowles home, silly things my kids say & do, and new sewing projects.

One of the highlights of our last couple three four five (Has it really been that long?!) weeks was our trip to visit our dear friends in Albuquerque (or "Alva-turkey" as Corben & Cianne say). After several less-than-impressed reactions to the news we were traveling to Albuquerque, let me just say that it was a delightful place to visit! Not only was the company WONDERFUL, but the city was nice as well--so unique and such a contrast to my home here in OK. A huge thank you to Tonya for being such a gracious hostess and friend, and an equally huge thanks to her husband for giving us some greatly appreciated one-on-one time.

Ben also went to Brazil for a while. We all got a pair of super-cool Havaianas. Nothing could've made Cianne happier than a pair of flip flops. She also got a butterfly necklace that she tells everyone "is very special to me." And Corben has a super cool soccer uniform, which he loves.

Well...I've got to get to bed, but didn't want to put off blogging any longer! More info from me soon...Good night.