Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while, I know. We've had Spring Break and then recovery from Spring Break. Do I need to say more?

Our week off was actually a lot of fun. Ben's college roommate and his family came for a few days. We went to the science museum, visited a new baby, shared a fellowship meal with our small group, watched movies...nothing really extraordinary but so much fun when you get to share it with special friends.

On Saint Patrick's Day, Ben had to take a green snack to work. Try not to vomit, but this was my contribution:
Green Deviled Eggs. Believe it or not, they were a hit. They ate them all.

We also went to Texas to visit the in-laws and attend a family wedding. The kids enjoyed lots of cousin time. Fort Worth had a late snow storm at the end of the week, so it took us five hours to get home due to accidents and icy bridges! Thankfully, my Alaskan husband is always cool as a cucumber in those situations, and I always feel really safe with him behind the wheel.

The last random bit for this post is a video my mom took of Cianne this weekend doing "sign language" to Awesome God. First off, let me say that I hope this is in no way offensive. I would never mock the hearing impaired, and neither would Cianne. But the fact that she thinks she's really doing sign language is hilarious! Notice she never moves her fingers; they stay in a fixed position the entire song.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Elephant in the Room

I've been avoiding my blog.

The simple reason is that I felt weird not writing about the most significant event/fact/change in my life, but I wasn't really ready to get it out there either. But it's really happening. And after a few weeks of praying, re-thinking/re-planning the next several months, and window shopping for cute baby stuff (since I don't own any anymore), I'm ready to announce the impending arrival of Baby #3.
I'm at the end of my first trimester, I think. Kerri Tindle took this picture this weekend of the rapidly growing baby bump. Not kidding, at around the 9-week mark, I was unbuttoning my pants to sit comfortably while driving! Hopefully, we can nail down a due date with an ultrasound at my next appointment. I'm looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat soon too. Never thought I'd be walking this road again. I find myself laughing with God's sense of humor, dumbfounded by His plan, and relaxing in the Father's faithfulness all at the same time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

City Girl Chores

My kids have lost a library DVD, I'm afraid. I hate having to pay for things we will never get to use, but I guess that's part of raising kids. I figured I should make this a learning opportunity though. It's never too early to teach responsibility, right?

So I told them they were going to have pay for the missing DVD. They told me that they didn't have very much money in their piggy banks because they had put it all in the "Lord's Jar," their affectionate name for the can that goes to the new children's building at church--STICK A KNIFE IN MY HEART!! But I'm sticking with this consequence. I told them that I would be more than happy to pay them to do some extra chores around the house, so they could earn the money.

Later in the afternoon, we're driving in the car when Cianne asks, "Do we know some chickens?" Confused, I said, "What?" She continues, "Well, if we knew some chickens, I could go collect some eggs to pay for my movie." Maybe that's a sign of too much TV or something, but it sure did give me a good giggle.