Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Travels - Part II

Sorry for the absence, but life is full and good.  I thought I'd pick up with trip #2 for the summer.  Perhaps there is a more specific reason I've delayed posting on my blog.  Kind of like when I knew I had to address the fact that I was pregnant, I must now address the affect that I am 30.  June 27 was the big day.  Never thought I'd be pregnant and turning 30!  Having a summer birthday, I was always one of the babies in my school class.  I married someone a few years old than I am, and I think I always secretly relished my "younger" status (I know, it's ridiculous).  I started telling Ben over a year ago that I was going to do something fun for my thirtieth.  More specifically, I was going somewhere, and as much as I love him, he probably would not be invited.  Haha!  So all my 30th-birthday dreams came true in New Mexico.

Three fabulous friends, shopping, hours at an outdoor mountain spa, delicious food (this baby loves green chiles!), movies, many of my favorite things.  Take a few minutes to travel there with me in your mind...

On our way...lots of potty and coffee stops...and the Cadillac Ranch.
One observer's take on this attraction (be sure to read this in your best west Texas accent with as little emotion as possible), "Well, this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen."

Tonya's amazing house--Thanks for hosting your Okie friends!

We went to a Salsa Under the Stars concert outdoors at the art museum.  They even made the four of us do a salsa lesson down front before the concert...awkward but funny.

Ten Thousand Waves spa...I know I look pretty gross here, but I'm so relaxed that I don't even care!

Gourmet dinner at our Santa Fe hotel...still very sleepy and relaxed from the spa.  

And the eating continues...fabulous breakfast at Pasqual's.  I could not get enough of the green chiles they put on everything in New Mexico, especially with eggs.  Before pregnancy, I couldn't even eat eggs; now I can get enough of them!

Why start counting calories now?  My introduction to Five Guys burgers...

We did a little shopping.

It was awesome! Happy 30th to me!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Travels - Part I

I've had two great trips so far this summer.  First, Ben and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary a little early, since we'll have a three-month-old when our anniversary actually rolls around in January.  We spent a week in Bermuda.  The beach and water were gorgeous.  All I wanted to do was sit on the beach and alternate sleeping and reading all day.  It was fabulous!  Ben likes to see sights, so I did cover my swimsuit  a couple of times in order to visit a couple towns and famous sights around the island.  But then it was straight back to the sand for me.  I read six books in seven days.  I didn't even have to leave the beach for food...a dream come true!

With my pregnancy body image issues, this is the most you'll see of me on the beach. :)

My true love and his classic crooked grin...