Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft Time

My sister-in-law bought my kids these Build-a-Bear sets some time ago, but when we first opened them up to give it a shot, it was clear that they weren't quite ready for them.  So I hid them away for a while.

The kids found them this weekend and have been begging for days to make their own stuffed animals.  So this morning, we put everything else on hold and worked on a craft together.  The kit has all the materials.  You stitch up the sides of the animal with a plastic needle and embroidery floss (I had to do all of this part).  Then the kiddos stuffed it (I supplemented).  Then you sew up its fuzzy bottom (again, Mom's job).  Then they designed the clothes with iron-ons provided, and I pressed all of the decals in place.  They are so proud!  Here's the finished product--Corben with his monkey & Cianne with her bear.

Cianne's actually making a bear growl for the picture!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

While I have a lot to catch up on, I think we should go with order of importance rather than chronological order. We had our ultrasound on Monday and found out we're having a boy! We didn't find out the gender of our other two kids until their delivery, and I have to say after having tried it both ways that waiting until the delivery is definitely my preferred method. I've always heard (generally from people who have never tried waiting), "It's still a surprise. You just get to be surprised a little earlier." But I thought Monday was a rather anticlimactic...probably more practical because now I can do more to prepare for the little guy (a.k.a. spend more money), but definitely not as fun or exciting. I know all you Polly Planners think I'm crazy, but...oh forget it, I probably am!

The kids really wanted to know what we were having. Cianne's already the perfect pleaser middle child. Originally, she said that she wanted a girl so she would have someone to play babies with her because if it was a boy, all it would want to do is play Wii. But when the tech asked her what she wanted, she said, "I'm going to wait to tell you." Then when it was announced we're having a boy, Cianne exclaimed with large hand gestures, "That's what I wanted!" Later she explained, "I don't like playing babies that much anyway." Sweet girl. I'm sure she'll mother this baby to no end; he'll become her own living baby doll.

We couldn't get a look at the baby at first, so I got up to go the bathroom to see if we could get the little sucker to move around. Ben gave the kids a brief anatomy lesson while I was in the potty when they asked how we would be able to tell if it was a boy or girl. When the ultrasound tech came back in the room, Corben filled her in that if it's a boy, it would have a pee-pee just like him and his dad. Haha! Cianne was completely fascinated by the fact that the baby is "maked" (naked) in my tummy. She asked again later just to clarify, "It doesn't have any clothes on in there?!"

Ben is especially relieved it's another boy. We've received lots of congratulations that we only have one wedding to finance now (nevermind the three college tuitions that remain). So now we know his gender, but we still have to wait five months to meet the little dude. I don't know if it will come fast enough. And I have no idea if we'll be able to settle on a name before time's up. The monogrammer in me desperately wants to start personalizing everything in sight for the little guy, but honestly, Ben and I just aren't very good at naming children. It's very stressful! Who knows if we can reach common ground in five months?!

On a serious note before I sign off from this eternal post, thank you, Lord, that this baby appears to be healthy. I don't take that for granted for one moment. While there are still so many risks and unknowns about our baby, this pregnancy, and the delivery, I put it completely in Your hands. I trust in your power, mercy, and sovereignty for whatever lies ahead in the coming days, months, and years. Use me as Your vessel to carry out Your will for this precious baby boy.