Monday, June 21, 2010

Air Show

Until this weekend, my kids primarily associated Ben's workplace with flu shots.  Cianne's had no desire to visit Daddy's work since we got our free vaccinations on base earlier this year (another really embarrassing moment as a mom--think lots of screaming in a mostly empty movie theatre).  But Saturday the whole family went to Tinker for the Star Spangled Salute Air Show.  We went for a few hours and got to see a few of the aerial displays, including the awesome Thunderbirds.  The kids loved it!  I cannot describe how hot it was though.  We bumped into our new friend Christy, and she gave us a first-hand tour of her E-6 Navy plane.  We now have a great new set of memories for Daddy's work.  Of course, I got there without my camera (I know...I'm a disgrace to bloggers everywhere), but thanks to the iPhone I did get a few pics of my sweet family.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pride Cometh Before a Fall

So last week, I decided that I should be grateful that with a ponytail and tank top I can still be mistaken for under 20.  Only two days later, I was brought back to reality.  We had a funeral for my great uncle last week in Wagoner, OK.  As I got out of my car at the cemetery, an older man walked up to me and sadly greeted me.  I didn't recognize him, but that's not uncommon at large gatherings of extended family.  He then asked, "How are you doing, Jolynn?"  I told him I was actually Sada, Jolynn's oldest daughter, and he looked like he had just seen a ghost (maybe also heightened by the fact we're at a cemetery).  He stared at me with wide eyes and just said, "No..."  I assured him that yes, I am not my 50-something mother, but I am her not-yet-thirty-year-old daughter.  He slowly processes the information and followed with, "Then I don't know you."  Awkward...

If I had a dollar for every time I heard "You look just like your mother," my husband could retire.  Good thing I like her...A LOT.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I suppose I should be flattered

Edmond has an awesome public library.  As long as I can remember, they've had a summer reading program to encourage kids to read.  I've always been a book nerd (emphasis on the word "nerd").  When I was a kid, I would max out the number of books you could check out at a time--we're talking like 30 books every two weeks!  I would read, swim, and then read some more all summer long.  Then when I was a teenager, I volunteered at the library for the summer program.

So I was feeling a little nostalgic as I approached the table to sign up my own to kids this week.  I'm standing in the children's line with my four- and five-year olds in tow, when the kid running the teenage sign-up line waves me over to his side.  I think, "Oh, good he's going to help us over there so we don't have to keep waiting."  But no!  He thinks I'm there to sign up myself.  When he realized that I wasn't there for me, he hollered at a fellow volunteer to help us sort out which card we needed to fill out for C & C, and then she comes over and hands me a teen card too!  I know that should be flattering, but I find it more on the ridiculous side that I'm days away from my 30th birthday, pregnant, dragging around two preschoolers at the library, and they both think I'm still a nerdy teenage reader.  I just had to laugh.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Apple Pie

What a fun weekend!  We had so much fun with family and friends.  I described it all to my sister as "happy chaos."  I attempted to bake my first ever apple pie for our Q Group cookout Sunday night.  Why do I always try new recipes when entertaining?  The funny thing is it makes my husband more nervous than it makes me.  My friends made me feel so good about how yummy it looked.  It wasn't the best-tasting apple pie I've ever eaten, but that didn't stop me.  :)  Here's the proof: