Friday, October 30, 2009

Change in Weekend Plans

Many of you know that I had plans to travel to Guatemala this weekend to sing with my siblings at a national youth conference. Well, there was an abrupt turn of events last night before midnight, just hours before our scheduled departure. The first leg of our flight from OKC to Houston was cancelled by Continental Airlines. They automatically rescheduled us on a flight for Sunday, but that really defeats the purpose for Addi and I since the youth conference ends on Sunday and since we were scheduled to return to the States on Monday. As it turns out, they had overbooked the flight into Guatemala City by 22 people! And after a few hours of trying to make alternative arrangements, the good folks coordinating our travel decided it just wasn't possible to get the Herndons there in time for this weekend's event.

I'm sad and shocked after planning this trip for months. I'm fighting off feelings of frustration toward Continental Airlines, but I know it's really not about them. We have prayed so much about safe travel and for our purpose in Guatemala that I have to believe God's in control. Perhaps this is His protection for us to keep us home at this time. So I'm trying to just let go of my disappointment and be ready for His next opportunity.

I guess today I'll be unpacking and praying a lot. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement leading up to this weekend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Was blind but now I see...

Cianne got her first pair of glasses this weekend. She doesn't have to wear them all the time (thankfully!), which is good since she's still pretty hesitant about them. The whole experience was pretty funny.

Dr. Wright and his staff were extremely patient with her. The funniest moment of our two-hour office visit was when she realized her vision was blurry from the dilation and she calls out in the optometrist's office, "I'm blind! Mommy, I'm blind!"

Picking out frames for her tiny face (I've always been a little afraid she's a pin-head, though Dr. Stephens assures me she's not) was another adventure. She preferred the plastic frames because they don't have nose pads, but I was really drawn to those twisty-bendy metal frames since I figure any 3-year-old's going to put them through the ringer. So thanks to Eyemasters' fabulous sale, we have both! Here she is sporting her favorites on the way home...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Girls' (plus Corben) Trip

I went to NW Arkansas for our yearly girls crafting trip. We did a little less shopping this year to accommodate my sweet Granny, but it was great.

Cianne trying out non-toxic nail polish at one of my favorite craft shows at the Embassy Suites...

I love this place. It's gas station/gourmet market/salad bar/convenience store/whole foods. And they serve gelato! I think we seriously need one of these at Memorial & Bryant.

Last but not least, Cianne with Aunt Addi and Aunt Jala having a dance party in the restaurant lobby.

Good times.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No more baby steps...we're talking giant leaps here!

Well, I've been talking about simplicity for a while now, and I decided that I was going to have to actually do something if it's ever going to happen. Life will not slow down without some changes. So, at the risk of disappointing some loyal shoppers, I will not be at An Affair of the Heart this weekend. I will still be at the Tulsa show in November, as next month isn't quite as hectic for our family, but this was definitely the right decision for this coming weekend.

However, you can still shop with my fabulous friends Jenny and Janie. They will be in booth 10 of the Hobbies, Arts, & Crafts building. Best of luck to them!

Also, Janie has opened Anabelle's Gift Galleria located at Santa Fe and Danforth, just east of Wal-Mart. You can shop for several of my items in this new store. Be sure to check it out before Christmas--lots of great gifts!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cause for concern?

Two unrelated incidents in the past week have me a little concerned about what might be down the road for my children...

1. Corben has been obsessed with Star Wars for a while now. He wants to be Boba Fett for Halloween, to which many of you would reply, "Who or what in the world is that?" He tends to favor the supporting cast of aliens and robots, and I had to explain that the costume makers simply don't make such costumes for five-year-old little boys. So Boba Fett the bounty hunter satisfied both Corben's supporting cast requirement and my comes-in-a-package requirement for his costume.

That's not the main thing that concerns me though...He got tickets to Star Wars in concert for his birthday, and he informed us last week that he wants to wear his Boba Fett costume to the concert. I'm just wondering if this is a five-year-old phase, and I'm praying that he's not still dressing up as a bounty hunter for various Star Wars events at 25!

2. Yesterday was the coldest and rainiest day yet in OK. After church, Cianne wanted to put on some comfy clothes, so I told her to go pick out some pants and a t-shirt. She came down with her knit tights and this strappy tank top. I told her it was probably too cold to wear that, to which she replied, "No, I want people to see my tattoos." Really? Dressing like a hooch in 50-degree weather so people will see your tats at only three years old?

Should I be concerned??