Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now You See 'Em...Now You Don't

Sis had her tonsils and adenoids taken out on May 12.  

I hope this relieves several symptoms, not the least of which are her bird-like eating habits.  

When picking out her hospital attire, she couldn't choose between popsicle or ice cream socks because she knew she'd be eating a lot of both.

She loved the warm blanket.  Daddy held her all morning until it was time for them to take her back.

Holding your baby while they're coming out from anesthesia is gut-wrenching for a mama, and the first few days were hard.  She hardly spoke for over a week (under normal circumstances I wouldn't complain about this), but thankfully she's doing great now.  She spent a couple weeks at home with mom, but got to go back to finish her last week of pre-K.  


Alyssa said...

Those are some seriously big adnoids! Glad she is doing well now!